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moving day tips

Moving day is a mixed bag bringing a very specific blend of stress, excitement and fatigue, not to mention hassle, hard work, friends (hopefully), long hours – and at the end of the day, pizza.

Everyone knows what’s in the bag. But not everyone knows how to make things roll as smoothly as possible. Let’s fix that. Here are three game-changing tricks to help those who are moving lighten up the stress, hassle and fatigue part of the equation, and focus more on the excitement, friends and pizza part.

Labeling boxes… the right way

It starts with the prep. Almost everyone labels boxes when they’re packing; the roll of tape and the black felt marker are an important duo on the moving scene. But what are homeowners scrawling on their boxes?

“The most common approach is writing ‘living room’, ‘fragile’, or ‘books’ on a box,”

Want to know a better way? Advise your customers to color-code the boxes. Instead of using that one lonely black marker, suggest that they choose a different color for each room. They can use colored tape instead, if they’d rather.

On moving day, ask them to tape a colored card over the doorway of each room, so your team knows where to set each box. The result? Your customers will enjoy better organization, faster unpacking, less lifting and carrying – a difference they will definitely notice.

Everyone’s favorite game-changer: apps!

There’s an app for everything these days, and for moving day, there’s a whole lineup to choose from.  customers may not be aware of the options, but if they’re like most people, they’ll sure be glad to find out about them.

Insurance, the peace of mind they’ve gotta have

Like we said before, moving is a mixed bag – and stress is probably the biggest, most common ingredient in the mix. This is where moving insurance can help. With appropriate moving day coverage, movers can rest assured that even if something does goes wrong along the way, it’s all going to be okay.

Make sure your moving day is full of everything positive. Better moves start with smart labeling, modern planning tools and the right moving insurance!
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