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Moving? Get the Family Involved in The Process With These Tips from Your Trusted Moving Company

April 25, 2018

Moving is always a challenge, but when you have a family, the process can be even more hectic. If you have younger kids, they may not understand why you’re moving them out of their home while teenagers often struggle with the thought of leaving the house they’ve grown up in. While you will be able to settle into your new home once you’re there, you’ll still need to survive the packing and moving process. Though it may be hard, the easiest way to help your family transition to their new home and out of your existing house is to get everyone involved. Here are a few tips to help you get the entire family involved and make packing up as fun and simple as possible.

Make a List of Things To Look Forward To

If your kids are struggling with the idea of moving to a new house or a new town, encourage them to create a list of things they’ll look forward to doing at the new home. It can be something as simple as sitting underneath a large tree in the new backyard or playing video games in the new family room. As long as it’s something that ignites their passion, it will help them find excitement rather than stress in the move. Remember, set an example for them. Create your own list and point out fun activities they’ll be able to enjoy at the new house to get them started. Once the first activity is on the list, others will come more easily.  

Make a Checklist

Checklists are instrumental in staying organized when you’re moving multiple people at once. Rather than only making a master checklist for the entire house, have every member of your family make their own list. Ask them to write down which items they need to take with them in the car, which items can be packed up and loaded on the truck, and what tasks need to be completed when. You can even decorate them and hang the lists on the wall in each bedroom so your kids can better see what tasks they still need to complete.

Monitor Progress

When you’re coordinating multiple people during a move, it’s important to see where each of them stands with their checklist and how far they’ve progressed in getting things done for the move. Check with your family members once each week to see what they’ve accomplished. As it gets closer to moving day, see what they need assistance with and do what you can to help them get things done in a timely manner. While you may still have to oversee the process, the more involved your kids feel in the move, the more in-control of the situation they’ll feel. Best of all, by letting them help pack their belongings, they’ll know where their favorite toys are once they arrive at the new house. This can make the transition easier and less stressful.

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be a terrifying process. Let our experienced packing team at Eden’s Moving help you take the stress out of your upcoming move. Contact us today to schedule an estimate and let our crew handle the driving for you.