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The Complete Guide to Packing A Kitchen By Movers in Denver CO

December 20, 2017

Moving can be difficult, especially when it comes to packing up the kitchen. From the appliances and utensils to the foods items, it’s challenging to figure out how to get everything in the kitchen safely to your new home. Save yourself the headache of trying to figure it out on your own by referencing this complete guide to packing a kitchen by movers in Denver CO:


Organize all of your silverware by type so the spoons are with the spoons, the knives are with the knives, and so on. Then, place a rubber band around each group of silverware to hold them all together and place them inside a clean shoebox with tissue paper. Be sure to tape the box closed otherwise the shoebox will flap open during the move.

Plates and Glasses

Find a medium or large sized box and line the bottom with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Then, wrap each plate with packing paper before putting it inside the box. Stack the plates on top of one another, adding an extra layer of packing paper every three or four plates. Be sure to stop from time-to-time to pick up the box so you can test its weight. It’s possible that the box will start getting heavy before it’s completely full. If it does, stop packing plates so the box doesn’t become too heavy to carry.

Glasses should all be wrapped and packed in smaller sized boxes. It’s best to use bubble wrap when packing glasses, but if bubble wrap is too expensive, use cotton t-shirts instead.

Small Appliances

If possible, pack all small appliances in their original boxes. If you don’t have these boxes laying around, find another box that is about the same size as the appliance.

Some appliances need to be taken apart before they are packed. If an appliance has multiple parts, pack them all in the same box along with the owner’s manual so you can keep track of everything.

Pack Unopened Bottles Only

Sort through your wine collection and pantry to get rid of any bottles that are unsealed. Unless the bottle is an expensive bottle of wine or fancy cooking oil, there’s no reason to transport a half-empty bottle to your new house.  Remember, some moving companies charge by the weight of your belongings. Since bottles are so heavy, transporting unopened bottles could make your move more expensive.

A Box of Essentials

You won’t need to use a lot of the items in your kitchen right away, but there are certain items that will probably need to be unpacked as soon as you get to your new home. Keep all of these items in a separate box so you don’t have to dig through dozens of boxes to find what you’re looking for. This box can include items such as snacks, dish soap, dishtowels, and a coffee maker. Learn how to pack kitchen for moving.

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