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How to Protect Your Floors When Working With Movers in Denver

July 26, 2017

If you’re moving into a new home, you want everything to look picture perfect for as long as possible. One area that you should pay close attention to is the flooring. As movers in Denver bring your boxes and furniture inside your new home, it’s important to protect the floors so nothing is damaged. Here’s how:


If your movers will be walking across carpet, be proactive and lay down pieces of cardboard that they can walk over. This is especially important if you have light colored carpet in your new home that can easily be stained. However, cardboard can move around if it’s not properly secured, so you may want to use adhesives to ensure the movers don’t slip. You could also look for a protective film that is designed to protect carpets in this situation. These protective films are applied directly on top of the carpet and are non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt. Another option would be to ask the movers to put on protective shoe booties before they come inside your home.

As the movers bring in your belongings, watch where they put the boxes. Avoid putting moving boxes on the carpet in your new home. Some types of carpet can snag very easily, so the corners of the moving boxes may cause your carpeting to unravel.

Hardwood Floors

It’s important to cover hardwood floors to prevent scratches and dents. There are certain products that are designed specifically to protect hardwood floors in this situation, so you can either look for one of these products or lay down cardboard instead. The products designed for this purpose are non-slip, so it’s better to go with this option.

During the move, make sure that you and the movers don’t drag furniture across the floor. If the furniture can be lifted, it should always be carried across the floors. If the furniture is too heavy, then put furniture sliders underneath the legs to protect your floors. Learn about caring for hardwood floors.

All Flooring Types

There are some tips that you should follow regardless of what type of flooring you have inside your new home. Always put a doormat outside the front door (or whatever door the movers will be using to get inside) so they can wipe their feet before entering your home. This is especially important if it’s wet or snowy outside so movers don’t bring in water and dirty snow on their shoes.

Plan ahead by buying floor cleaners before you move into your new home. This way, you can quickly clean your floors if they do become damaged during the move.

Now that you know how to keep the floors in your new home in good shape, it’s time to start planning your move! If you’re not sure where to start, the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.