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Learn About A New City Before Your Move - Check in With Denver's Top Movers for the Guide

July 5, 2017

Are you relocating to a new city? Starting a new life in a different city can be intimidating. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s recommended that you learn as much as possible about the city that you’re moving to so you know exactly what to expect. How can you do this? Here are some tips from the Denver movers at Eden’s Moving Company:

Take a trip.

If you don’t have to move immediately, find time to schedule a brief trip to the area. Be sure to stay in a hotel in the same area that you will be living in once you move so you can get used to the neighborhood. Besides getting a feel for the area, use this time to find a gym, coffee shop, and cool restaurants that you can go to once you move. Knowing where these places are right when you move in will make you feel more at home.

Look at user forums.

Turn to websites such as Reddit or to see what residents truly think about living in the area. These are unfiltered, unmonitored discussion boards where residents will speak openly and honestly about their communities. Residents may discuss new stores or restaurants that have opened in the area, crime rates, or issues with public transportation, for example. If you want to hear the truth, these are great places to look.

Research the schools.

If you have children, you may be concerned about where they will be going to school once you make the move. You don’t have to wait to get to your new home to learn about the schools. Instead, head to GreatSchools so you can see how the schools in your new community are rated. All you have to do is enter your new zip code and GreatSchools will pull up a list of schools in the area along with information on how they were scored. Each school is scored based on a number of factors, including academics, student progress, equity, learning environment, and teachers. Learn about GreatSchools.

Check the crime rates.

Most police departments will give you information on local crime if you call and ask or submit an inquiry online. If you don’t want to go this route, you can always rely on websites such as Family Watchdog, CrimeReports, and SpotCrime instead. Enter your new address or zip code into the search bars and you will be able to see where crimes have occurred in your new neighborhood and what type of crimes they were. Enter in a few zip codes in your new city so you get a better idea of which parts of town you should steer clear of once you arrive.
Now that you know how to research your new home, it’s time to plan your move! If you’re not sure where to start, the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.