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What Movers in Denver Suggest You Do After Moving In

June 28, 2017

Are you relocating? Many people who are moving into a new home spend a lot of time planning how to get their belongings from Point A to Point B, but they forget to think about what they should do once they get here. According to the best movers in Denver, here are the first things you should do after moving into your new home:

Change your locks.

You don’t personally know the people who owned the home before you, so you should change the locks on your doors right away. Even if you think highly of the previous homeowners, you never know whether they gave copies of their keys to other untrustworthy individuals. Plan ahead by buying new locks before you get to your new home so you can make this change as soon as possible.

Paint the walls.

Are you eager to get rid of the loud, unattractive colors that the previous homeowner chose for the walls? If so, now is the time to paint. Why? At this point, you won’t have unpacked any of your belongings or taken the protective coverings off of your furniture. If you paint now, you can avoid the hassle of having to move all of your stuff out of the way and protect your furniture. You may be tired from the move, but try to find the energy to get the painting done now.

Make your pets comfortable.

If you have pets, they may need a little time to get used to your new home. Help them get used to the new place by taking them outside and letting them wander around their new backyard. Unpack their bed, blanket, and toys as soon as possible so they feel more comfortable and can begin to make themselves at home. Keep a close eye on them in the first few days. If the previous homeowner had pets, your pet may begin to smell around the house and mark his territory. Learn how to help your pet adjust to a new home with these pet moving tips.

Look up the trash schedule.

As you unpack, you will start to accumulate a significant amount of trash, so one of the first things you should do is find out the trash pick-up schedule in your community. Get in touch with the homeowners’ association or ask a neighbor what days you should expect to have your trash picked up so you can be prepared.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

Go out of your way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. They may be eager to see who is moving in next door, so making an effort to say hello will help them feel more comfortable about living near you.
Now that you know what to do once you’ve arrived at your new home, it’s time to contact the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company to start planning your move! Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.