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Throw These Items Away Before Contacting a Moving Company

March 22, 2017

Are you moving into a new home or apartment? You don’t have to bring everything with you. Instead, you should use this as an opportunity to rid yourself of some of the clutter you may have collected over the years. How can you tell which items you should toss and which you should bring with you? Here’s a list of the items you should get rid of before contacting a moving company:

Cords and Cables

Do you have handfuls of cords and cables scattered around your house? Do you even know which devices these cords and cables belong to? If you’ve never had to use one of these cords or cables over the years, it’s best to toss them before you begin packing for your move. After all, if you haven’t needed them in your current home, why will you need them in your new one?

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Everyone has that one pair of jeans hanging in their closet that no longer fits. You may keep items like these around in the hope that one day you will fit into them again, but now that you’re moving, it’s time to face reality. Be honest with yourself and decide whether it’s possible to ever fit into some of your clothes again. If it’s not, give the items that no longer fit to a local organization that accepts clothing donations. You’ll be amazed at how much space you can free up in your closet just by getting rid of the things you never wear. Find clothing and item donation centers near you.

Exercise Equipment

Do you run on your treadmill or use it as a place to hang clothes to dry? If you’ve never turned on the exercise equipment in your home, there’s no point in moving them to your new place. Exercise equipment is bulky and difficult to move, plus machines can take up a lot of space that could go to something useful instead. If you decide not to move your equipment, try to sell it online to make a few extra bucks to help with the move.

Old Sheets

Do you have to face an avalanche of old linens and towels every time you open the door to your linen closet? It may be time to sort through your stuff and toss the older linens you no longer need. Look for towels that have lost their fluffiness from repeated washings, and linens that are no longer soft. The fitted sheets you have tucked in the back of your closet may have even lost their elasticity. These items will just take up space in your boxes, so either use them to wrap fragile items during the move, or donate them to a local organization instead.

Now that you know which items to toss and which to pack, are you ready to begin your move? Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services! Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.