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Tips for Finding a New Apartment from Movers in Denver, CO

March 15, 2017

When ready to move into a new apartment, it can be a lengthy process. There are many steps that must take place leading up to your actual moving day. From getting the process started with leasing agents to completing inspection lists, read these tips from movers in Denver, CO to make this move a smooth one.

Initial search process

When in the market to move to a new apartment, there are many questions to ask yourself. For instance, what location would you like to move to? What type of apartment are you interested in? What are your concerns? What is your budget? Do you have pets? It is important to nail down your needs before beginning your search. Next, begin to explore areas online that you would be interested in moving to. While some outlets say to reach out to companies a month in advance, it depends on the market. You may want to reach out to places you are interested in as soon as you find them to make sure they do not have a waitlist.

Talking to leasing agents

Whether you are making initial phone calls or ready to explore units in an apartment building, you will work with a leasing agent. The leasing agent will be your guide throughout the process. When just exploring units, you usually don’t need to bring anything with you. However, once you have nailed down an apartment, you will most likely need to bring in identification, pay stubs, and a deposit. Ask the leasing agent what you will need prior to signing your paperwork. When you meet with the agent, take the time to ask any questions you have about the unit. If you are interested in making changes, such as painting, you will need to know what you can do before making those changes. For tips before signing all final paperwork, be sure to read’s People to Talk to Before Signing an Apartment Lease.

Completing the tenant inspection list

Upon moving into a new apartment, most places will provide you with a tenant inspection list. This allows you to walk through the unit and note any existing damage that has been made. That way, when you move out of the unit, you can point to that document to show you were not the source of the damage. While tedious, it is crucial to look at every nook and cranny. Document any damage, even if you have to make notes on the back of the paper. Be sure to test out the appliances and other working pieces during your inspection (i.e. run water, check to make sure the garbage disposal works, etc.). You can take it a step further and take photos of any damage too. Be sure to fill out the form on the timeline the landlord requests and keep a copy for yourself.

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