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Antiques Storage Tips from Your Denver Movers

October 19, 2016

Eden's Moving isn't just one of the best Denver moving companies in town, we also offer state-of-the-art storage services to go along with your move. We offer climate-controlled, private units that are perfect for your delicate items. Antiques can be valuable and sentimental, we believe they should be handled and stored carefully. So when you decide it is time to put your antiques in storage, take special precautions and call the experts. Our Denver storage units are ideal for keeping your special possessions safe, secure, and clean. Here we offer some tips to make the best of your antique packing, storage, and transport experience.

Type of Antiques

Depending on what kind of antiques you are storing, you will want to use specific packing for those types of items. For glasses, china, and smaller items, for instance, you’ll want to use maximum insulation against breakage – like thick padding, bubble wrap, etc. You also want to make sure your packing materials don't do more damage than good. For instance, some tissue paper contains acid, and that could ruin your antique pieces – especially photographs, papers, artwork, and delicate linens. Along those same lines, be careful of using newsprint for packing, as the ink can rub off onto your possessions.

Silver Antiques

If storing antiques made of silver, you need to try and keep them from coming into contact with air to avoid tarnishing. This means you will want to roll silverware in soft fabric or store it in its own sealed chest. You can also buy camphor blocks and place them near your silver to delay tarnishing. For packing fragile, empty items like vases, you will want to make sure you carefully stuff bubble wrap or soft padding down inside the interior of the vase, then continue to wrap the vase entirely in the packing material.

Wooden and Leather Antiques

When storing wood-based items, always keep them off the floor by setting your furniture pieces on a furniture pad or drop cloth. Polish the wood first to protect it before wrapping it in furniture pads or clean blankets and securing it firmly but gently with twine or packing tape. Likewise for leather items, use a quality leather conditioner on the item or garment before putting it in storage.

Climate Controlled Storage

Do you need climate-controlled storage? Yes, once your items are ready for storage, it is imperative to put them in our climate-controlled storage units, as adverse weather and moisture conditions can be truly devastating for a great number of sensitive antiques. This type of storage will keep humidity and temperature fluctuations from adversely affecting your furniture. A climate-controlled room will prevent any warping or splitting of your wood, leather, and paper items due to dryness and will prevent mold and other moisture-related issues.

When it comes to storing your precious heirloom items, Eden's Moving is your go-to choice in Denver storage. Our movers load your belongings and store them at our climate controlled, secure storage facility. Give us a call today to reserve a unit for storing your precious items and antiques: 720-370-3455 or toll free at 1-877-887-8248.