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Call a Professional Packing Service in Denver for Help With Your Move

June 22, 2016

It’s time to say goodbye to your old home and move on to a new adventure. Whether it’s a cross country move or relocating a few miles down the road, preparation must start weeks ahead of time. By the time moving day actually comes, you’ll likely have been working on it in one form or fashion for a few months. One way to make this arduous task a little easier would be to hire professional packers in Denver. Many people eschew the idea of hiring someone to do the packing because they think that it will multiply the cost of their move. The truth is, hiring the professionals at Eden's Moving Services to do the work will not only save you time and aggravation, but it might also save you some money as well.

There are certain times when hiring packers are an absolute necessity. For instance:

If you are planning a cross country move.
Moving an entire household long distances involves a lot of coordination and planning which begins long before boxes get loaded onto the truck. By allowing movers to manage the move from start to finish professionals can pack and load in the most expedient way possible saving you time and money. Also, goods traveling over long distances endure a lot of jostling and have a better change of arriving unharmed if they have been packed properly. It’s important to note that movers are not responsible for breakage due to improper packing in boxes that they didn’t pack.

If your time is valuable.
You’ve heard the old adage that time is money. The first few times you moved, you probably moved your clothes in garbage bags and packed a few boxes that you got after being used at a grocery store. Today you have a whole home full of belongings. If you decide to take on the daunting task of packing yourself, you not only have make time to do the actual packing but, gathering endless supplies. Tape, boxes, and padding are just a few. You probably also have to track down specialty boxes for a few odd shaped items such as mirrors or electronic items. You are already taking a good amount of time off work, not to mention decreasing sleep, and losing personal and family time, getting ready to move. The expense of hiring packers would likely be greatly offset and your time better spent in other ways.

If you have a lot of odd sized or fragile items.

We’ve already mentioned that finding boxes for odd sized items might be difficult. One box might cost as much as $55! Artwork, electronics, glassware, and decorative items need to be properly protected to survive even a short move. Professional packers understand pressure points of items that must be guarded as well as the maximum weight bearing capacity of any shipping container. Don’t put your art collection, electronic items, or cherished heirlooms at risk.

If Ikea is your worst nightmare
Furniture disassembly and re-assembly may be necessary even if you use professional packers. Some L-shaped desks or tables with shelving attachments may not be able to be moved safely unless they are broken down into more manageable parts. The good news is that anything the packers disassemble to move, we should also reassemble at the destination. We're in charge of keeping track of the pieces and how they go together, meaning there's no searching for lost parts or assembly manuals.

The cost of hiring packers is far less than your valuable time, the cost of supplies, and replacing broken items. Call Eden’s Moving and Storage today to get an estimate on our packing and moving services!