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Make Your Short Distance Move Simple with These Tips from Colorado Moving Pros

February 14, 2018

Short distance moves may seem incredibly simple. After all, you’re just moving a few miles down the road, so the process of getting everything you own to your new home will be far easier, right? Though short distance moves are easier in some ways, they still present challenges that your local Denver movers want to help eliminate. Here are a few tips to make sure your short-distance move goes as smoothly as possible.

Double-Check Measurements

When you’re moving down the road, you’ll be able to start moving small items over on your own before the movers pick up your heavy furniture and boxes. This is the perfect time to plan your layout, double-check measurements for furniture placement and artwork, and figure out how to best settle into your new space. When you know where you want your furniture placed, you’ll be able to better direct the moving team, sparing you the backache of having to move furniture on your own once the truck leaves.

Move Things in the Right Order

When it comes to moving items on your own, you’ll want to start by moving things you won’t need immediately. Items like out-of-season clothes, small holiday decorations, and extra bedding can easily be transferred to your new home. No matter what you decide to pack up first, make sure you won’t need the items until you’re all moved in at your new place. The last thing you want is to search for an item right before you head to work only to discover that it has already made the move. While you’ll be able to grab the item later in the day, it’s still an inconvenience.

Start Downsizing

Getting rid of junk and clutter is just as important for a short move as a long-distance move. As you pack, identify items that you haven’t used in a long time or no longer wish to keep and separate them from the rest of your belongings. Then pack up these items and donate them to a local charity. If you get a head start on downsizing, you may even be able to use smartphone apps to sell your stuff.   

Contact a Moving Company Early

Just because you’re moving in town doesn’t mean you should wait to contact a moving company. In fact, you’ll want start looking for movers as soon as you have a new place lined up. Some seasons are busier than others and finding a team of movers in Denver that have the availability to move your stuff can be difficult. The sooner you make the reservation, the better.

Show Care to Fragile Items

Though you may think that your fragile items will be safe in a box on a short-distance move, they’re at just as high a risk of breaking. If your movers offer a packing service, you may want to let the pros pack your breakable items. However, if you’re handling your own packing, take care to properly pad, wrap, and protect your breakable items.

At Eden’s Moving, we believe that moving should be as simple as possible. Our experienced team can handle everything from packing up your old house to unloading the moving truck at your new home. Spare yourself the struggle of moving on your own and contact us today for your free no-obligation estimate.