Long Distance Residential Moving Services

We'll Help You Move Across the Country

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Whether you're moving a short or long distance we understand that the moving process can be stressful. Many aspects of your move must be taken into consideration in order to make your relocation from Colorado a successful, stress-free experience. Moving day is very tiring and hectic for the entire family as is the preparation leading up to the move. Tedious jobs like wrapping and packing your valuables, safely loading and unloading goods, and reassembling and rearranging your belongings in your new location are some of the stresses of moving.  Additionally, moving may require you to take time off from work or school, which can be difficult and inconvenient.

As a leading Denver moving company let Eden's Moving Services take the stress out of the big move by helping with all aspects of the moving process.  Eden's Moving Services is a professional Denver moving and packing company that provides long distance moves throughout the Colorado area including Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Lakewood, Littleton, Westminster, and Wheat Ridge.

Why Use Eden's Moving Services?

Moving across the country can be a daunting task, particularly if you find yourself in between homes for an extended period of time. You must consider many factors when moving long distances, such as securely wrapping and packing your goods and where to store your belongings if you cannot move into your new home right away. Eden's Moving Services can take care of all these services for you.  Our movers work with the utmost care to pack and store your belongings to prepare them for long distance moves. We only use high quality packing boxes and materials to pack all your valuable household items and we provide complete liability coverage and address all the risks associated with moving. We are fully insured and will provide full replacement value protection against scratching or misplacement of all your valuable items, in the rare case this occurs. Additionally, we operate a large fleet of moving trucks and trailers to make your pick up or delivery a timely, efficient and stress-free process. Eden's Moving Services is a Denver moving company; we are not brokers and we will serve you and complete all aspects of your relocation from A to Z.

How Does Eden's Moving Services charge?

Eden's Moving Services charges are based on tariff rates from origin zip code to destination zip code, as well as on the required items to be moved and costs of additional services like packing, valuation, storage, special handling, etc. Tariff rates are available for the public and may fluctuate due to different seasons. You may check with our sales team for current tariff discounts and seasonal promotions. Eden's Moving Services accepts checks, major credit cards, money orders and cash payments.

How Do I Schedule a Move With Eden's Moving Services?

If you are interested in a long distance or local move, you may call Eden's Moving at 1-877-887-8248 or email us here to request service. If you prefer, you may just input your information into our quick quote online, and one of our moving consultants will call you within 24 hours. When requesting moving services, please book one to two weeks in advance of your actual move date. Please also keep in mind that during peak service periods, you may need to book even further in advance to ensure timely moving service.

What Information Is Required for Moving?

Eden's Moving requires the following information in order to estimate the probable cost of your move, as well as to thoroughly pre-plan:

  • Zip code of origin and destination
  • List of items to be moved
  • Any specific packing services that may be required
  • Apartment floor number (if applicable)
  • Number of elevators in your apartment building (if applicable)
  • Goods/items that are stored in the storage space or basement of your house or apartment
  • Types, quantity and location of large items to be moved (ex. freezer, piano, etc.)
  • Special handling required for high end furniture or high value items

After receiving this information, Eden's Moving Services will plan your move and discuss details with you over the phone. Eden's Moving Services has provided years of great customer satisfaction and employs the best packers and movers servicing the Denver metro area and long distance moves at competitive and affordable rates.

What Our Customers are Saying:

"Joe was great in getting my move from Denver to San Francisco set up quickly. The guys came when they were supposed to and quickly loaded my things. They were careful and wrapped all items to ensure their safe arrival. Joe and the driver communicated with me at every point so I was aware of how things were going and also had a good sense for ETA. My shipment had to arrive in a relatively quick timeframe because i was going to be away on a business trip and they actually delivered earlier than promised – SHOCKING! A moving company that shows up on the FIRST DAY of that estimated delivery window?! Um yeah, my previous experiences with movers haven’t been so awesome…. this whole early delivery thing pretty much blew my mind.

"The two guys who handled the SF end of the move were just as efficient as those handling the pick-up in Denver – they unloaded quickly and also impressed me with their attention to detail when reassembling some of my larger/more complicated furniture items. I also found that they were polite and friendly – never got the sense that they were rushing through the job or carelessly handling my belongings. Best of all, I’m happy to report ZERO broken items post-move…quite a feat considering how many fragile items were stuffed inside my 8-10 large boxes. It was so refreshing to unpack that final box and discover no glass shards/loose pieces – thank you, Eden, for restoring my faith in a moving company’s ability to provide a 100% positive experience to its customers, from start to finish."

"Long story short: there were no surprises with Eden’s Moving Services, and that’s just what you want in a move. Would recommend to anyone – will certainly call them up again if I make another cross-country move! Thank you!"