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How to Get Your Items Ready For Storage When Not Using a Colorado Moving Team

June 20, 2018

When you’re moving away from home for a short time, it’s often easier to find an already furnished apartment in your new city. After all, moving your belongings to a new home only to transport them back to your hometown a few months later is more trouble than it’s worth. However, that means you’ll need to figure out what to do with your belongings while you’re away. For most people, keeping their furniture and possessions in storage is the best option. Here’s how to prepare your belongings for storage if you’re not hiring a moving company to transport them to your temporary home.

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Before you start packing up your belongings, take the time to give everything you’re putting in storage a thorough deep cleaning. Use a soft microfiber cloth to wipe away dust off electronics, wood, and glass surfaces. On wood furniture, take care to polish and condition the surface. If you’re storing upholstered items, vacuum the cushions as thoroughly as possible to remove dirt and debris. This will ensure that your furniture is in the best condition possible once you’re ready to remove it from storage.

Inventory What You’re Storing

As you start packing, make a list of everything you’re keeping in a storage unit—and we mean everything! This will help you keep the items you need to take with you separate from those you want to keep in your hometown. Once everything is at the storage facility, you can keep the list for future reference. Once you’re ready to get something out of the storage unit, you’ll be able to refer to the inventory list to guarantee that it’s at the unit and not something lurking in the trunk of your car.

Label Your Boxes

The most frustrating part about getting items back out of storage is not remembering where you put them in the first place. Once you fill a box, label it clearly with a permanent marker and cover the label with clear packing tape. This will make it easy to read, even if you have to keep your belongings in storage for several years. Alternatively, you can use a clear plastic storage box that will allow you to see inside rather than relying solely on a hand-written label.
Invest in Climate Controlled Storage
If you’re keeping furniture, artwork, and electronics in storage, it’s important that you find a storage facility that will keep those items safe. In traditional storage units, the weather outside can cause the interior of the unit to be broiling hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Investing in a climate controlled storage unit will allow you to keep the things you treasure most safe from weather-related damage.

Need to rent a storage unit for your upcoming short-term move? Contact Eden’s Moving and Storage Service today. Our climate-controlled storage units have everything you need to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re away. Best of all, our dedicated crew will load your items and drive them to the storage unit for you, so you can focus on getting ready for your upcoming move. Call 1-877-887-8248 to discuss your storage needs today.

Denver Movers Explain Why You Should Plan a Fall Move During The Summer

June 13, 2018

Moving is hectic, no matter what season you’re packing up your home. However, with so many leases in the Denver area starting in early fall, planning a move ahead of time is incredibly important. Waiting until the last minute is the easiest way to make yourself feel rushed and overwhelmed. At Eden’s Moving, we believe every move should be as stress-free as possible That’s why planning ahead is so important. Here are a few reasons to start planning your autumn move during the summer.

Increased Availability

Whether you’re looking to rent a storage unit or hire a full-service moving company, the sooner you start planning, the better off you’ll be. When you book a mover at the last minute, they’ll already have existing clients to work around. Their schedules will not be as open and finding a time that’s convenient for your family can be a challenge. Booking earlier ensures that you’ll be able to pick a moving date that works with your schedule.

Save Stress On Packing

When you wait until the last minute, you’ll have to pack everything at once. This often results in boxes filled with miscellaneous items and stored in a way that don’t always make sense. By starting early in the summer, you’ll be able to create a strategy for packing up your belongings. This will help streamline both the moving out and moving in process and makes getting settled in your new space simple.

You’ll Be Able to Shop Around

When you wait until the last minute, you’re forced to choose a mover that’s available on short notice. This means you won’t have the chance to shop around, compare quotes, or find a mover that fits your needs. By starting your search in the summer instead of the fall, you’ll have the chance to compare quotes from multiple providers. This ensures that you’ll get the best rate possible for your upcoming move.

Garage Sales Abound

Summer is garage sale season and the more people out and about looking for a garage sale, the more opportunities you’ll have to downsize your belongings. The more you can get rid of, the less you have to pay to move. This can save you hundreds when hiring professional movers and will simplify your unpacking process once you arrive at your new home.

Gives You More Freedom to Find the Right Apartment

Starting your moving process earlier in the season gets you thinking about finding a new apartment long before your current lease ends. The earlier you start looking for a new home, the more likely you are to find a unit that fits your budget and your family’s needs. Finding an apartment or rental unit at the last minute is not only challenging, but you’ll also have to compete against many others looking for the same type of home you are.

Starting you’re the moving process early helps spare you the stress and inconvenience of moving in a hurry. Start your moving search with the team at Eden’s Moving Service. Our dedicated team will help you get your belongings where they need to go safely and securely. Contact us today for a free estimate and let our team handle the heavy lifting for you.

Common Colorado Moving Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

June 5, 2018

Summer is one of the most popular times to move and with good reason. The pleasant weather makes packing and unpacking far easier than wet spring and winter conditions. However, the heat of the summer places a few unique challenges on residents looking to settle into a new home and your local movers in Denver want to help. Here are a few of the most common summer moving mistakes people make and what you need to do to avoid making them yourself.

Getting Dehydrated

Even when you’re packing up in an air conditioned home, it’s easy to get dehydrated. Colorado’s dry climate and high altitude means the human body needs more water more frequently. Keep a water bottle handy anytime you’re working on getting ready for the move and make sure to drink it. Ideally, you’ll consume at least a half-gallon of water each day. Keep in mind that during times of physical activity, you’ll want to drink more than that.

Starting Late In The Day

Summer may mean more daylight, but it also means more heat. If you wait until the late afternoon to start moving boxes around the house, you’ll be doing so during the hottest part of the day. Not only does this increase your risk of dehydration, but it also takes a toll on your endurance. You’ll need to take more frequent breaks to compensate for the heat and keep your body temperature where it’s supposed to be. Instead of waiting until the sun is high in the sky, start moving and cleaning earlier in the day.

Packing the Booze

Nothing says summer like a barbecue in the backyard, and nothing completes a barbecue like a delicious cocktail or ice cold beer. While it may be tempting to pack up your bar and let the movers carry the heavy bottles for you, don’t. Most moving companies cannot transport alcohol, even if you’re only moving down the street. Make arrangements to transport your alcoholic beverages yourself or throw a final pre-moving day party to use up your collection.

Leaving Your Pup In The Car

During the summer, the interior of your car can go from a cool and comfortable 60 degrees to well over 100 in a matter of minutes. This makes it incredibly dangerous for your pets. Make arrangements for your animals to stay at a boarding facility for a few days while you move to keep them safe. If you need to keep them with you, make sure they’re in a shaded area with access to plenty of water and air circulation. Never leave your pets in a car unattended, even with the windows cracked.  

At Eden’s Moving Services, our experienced team wants to help take the stress out of your long-distance move. We understand that your belongings are more than boxes filled with stuff—they’re what makes your house a home. Every box will be packed and handled with care, whether you’re moving across the street or to a completely new state. We’ll handle the packing, driving, and unloading so you can enjoy the experience of moving to a new home. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Critical Questions to Ask When Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

May 30, 2018

Finding an experienced moving company to help you transport your belongings is one of the most important aspects of moving to a new home. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you’ll want to find a good homeowner’s insurance policy to protect those belongings in your new house. If it’s been a while since you purchased your last insurance policy, you may be wondering what types of coverage your new house needs in order to be fully protected. Here are a few questions you need to ask when shopping for a homeowner’s policy for your new home.

What exactly is my new home worth?

The purchase price for your new house may not always be a good indicator of the actual worth of the property. In fact, depending on the seller’s motivations, the purchase price may be drastically lower than the actual value of the home. Before you buy a policy, think about how much it would cost to build your home from the ground up. This includes replacing all furniture, food, cabinets, outlying structures, and every last detail that makes the house your home. Make sure the policy offers enough protection to cover the full cost of rebuilding. Otherwise, you may be underinsured and you’d have to pay the difference out-of-pocket if the structure was destroyed.

Have my insurance needs changed since I purchased my last policy?

Over time, especially as you acquire more possessions and belongings, your insurance needs will change. The type of coverage you purchased when you first bought your house may not be the type of insurance you need currently.  When shopping for a new policy, make sure the coverage limits you’re looking at are enough to protect all of your belongings. Remember, homeowner’s insurance does more than protect the physical structure of the home—it protects the items inside your house as well.

What discounts am I eligible for?

Believe it or not, many insurance providers offer discounts on the cost of your monthly or annual premium payments. However, it’s rare that they advertise these discounts. Before you agree to a policy, ask your insurance agent if there are any discounts you may be eligible for. This will help you save money on the policy and may help make your ideal coverage affordable rather than out of reach.

What does the policy cover?

Unfortunately, insurance policies do not cover every possible disaster. In fact, many do not protect your home against damage due to floods, earthquakes, or mold damage. Before you purchase a policy, it’s important that you understand precisely what the policy covers. If there are areas where your coverage falls short, you may want to purchase supplemental insurance to fill in the gaps.

Once you find the right homeowner’s insurance policy, get your move started off right by hiring the right moving company to transport your belongings. At Eden’s Moving Services, our experienced team will pack, store, and move your most prized possessions across town or across the state. Contact us today for a free estimate on your upcoming move.

Colorado Moving Team Shares Considerations for Moving Into Your First Apartment

May 23, 2018

Moving into your first apartment is one of the most exciting things you can do as a young adult. Not only are you getting a taste of true independence, but you’re also able to control the way your space looks and feels. While finding the right apartment can be a challenge, moving to your new home for the first time can be even harder. Your trusted Denver movers want to help. Here are a few things you need to think about when moving into your first apartment.

Don’t Take Everything From Home

Unless you love everything in your childhood bedroom, there will likely be some items that you’ve either outgrown or no longer need. Rather than packing up everything and sorting through it at your new apartment, work to get rid of those items before moving day. For items from your childhood, you may want to go through them with your parents. While you may not want to keep them, they may still have some sentimental attachment to those items. Rather than cause distress for your loved ones, ask them to make the final decision. If they want to keep them, the items can stay at their house.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Before you move your first piece of furniture into the apartment, make sure to purchase a renter’s insurance policy to protect your belongings. If a fire destroys your furniture or the apartment floods due to a burst pipe, that insurance policy will help pay for replacements and help you get your life back to normal more quickly. Unlike homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance policies cost an average of 20 dollars a month, making the coverage affordable, even when you have other expenses to worry about.

Make Sure You Have the Necessities

While your dorm room or shared apartment may have had all the furnishings you needed to live comfortably, your new apartment may not. Before you move in, take inventory of the items that are included as part of the lease. If there’s furniture, you won’t have to bring your own. However, you will likely need to provide dishes, utensils, toiletries, and other necessities.

Hire a Moving Company

If you’re moving multiple pieces of furniture and countless small boxes, getting that entire load to fit in the back of your car can be almost impossible. If you’re moving out of state, the journey can be even more difficult. Instead of paying too much to ship box after box through the post office, hire professional movers to transport your belongings. Once your items are packed in their boxes, you’ll be able to relax while the moving team handles all of the heavy lifting and unloading for you. You’ll never have to worry about injuring your back right as you move into your new home and you’ll even save yourself the stress of driving a large moving truck down potentially unfamiliar roads.

Getting ready to move into your first apartment? Let the team at Eden’s Moving Services help you get where you need to go, whether you’re moving in Denver or across the state. Contact us today for a  free no-obligation estimate.