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Denver Movers Share Tips on What to Wear For Moving Day

August 8, 2018

You’ve got everything packed up, your Colorado moving company arrives in the morning to load the truck, and you’re ready to get settled into your new home. All that’s left is planning out what to wear while driving and unpacking boxes at the new place. Believe it or not, the clothes you choose to wear can make all the difference in how comfortable moving day is. Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking your moving day wardrobe.

Stick to Sneakers

Though sandals may be the footwear of choice on warm summer days, they’re not ideal for moving day. You’ll want protection for your toes and decent support to help you lift heavy boxes without straining your muscles. Pick a pair of your old and beat-up tennis shoes or hiking boots and plan to wear them all day. This way, you’ll be sure footed and reduce your risk of injury while you get settled in. If you don’t have sneakers, wear a pair of closed-toe shoes. Dress shoes will work in a pinch, but take care on wet or slippery floors.

Layer Up

Cardboard boxes have some pretty sharp edges that can take a toll on your forearms. While you’re moving and carrying boxes, wearing long sleeves can help eliminate skin irritation and scratches on your arms. Instead of picking a long sleeve t-shirt and preparing yourself to stay warm all day, layer up. Wear a light cotton jacket or t-shirt over a short sleeve shirt. This way, you can remove the long sleeves when you’re done carrying boxes and stay cool while you unpack.

Don’t Skimp on Sun Protection

Even if you’ve hired a professional moving team to transport your belongings, you’ll still be wandering in and out of the new house throughout the day. In Colorado, the relatively high altitude and minimal atmosphere can lead to sunburn after only a short time in the sun. While you’re getting ready for moving day, take the time to put on plenty of sunblock. If you know it’s going to be particularly warm or think you’ll be sweating heavily during the move, look for a waterproof or sweat-proof sunblock. This way, you’ll have to reapply less frequently can focus on getting settled in rather than nursing tender and sun damaged skin.

Choose Items You’re Okay Parting With

When moving day comes along, your clothes will likely get dirty or torn throughout the day. Rather than wearing your favorite shirt or pants and risking damaging them beyond repair, pick clothes you’re okay getting rid of. Those jeans that turned pink in the wash or that shirt that got bleached by accident are ideal. Once you’re done, you can throw them out or toss them in the wash without feeling guilty about how beaten up they got during the move.

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Colorado Moving Tips for Families With Small Children

August 1, 2018

Moving to a new home can be tough, but when you have small kids to look after, the process can be even more difficult. While it’s still important to work with experienced Colorado movers, keeping your kids safe throughout the move can be a challenge. Here are a few simple tips to help you manage the stress of the move without worrying about your kids and their safety.

Make Sure Your Kids Understand What’s Happening

The unknown can be especially confusing and challenging for young kids. While the thought of talking to them about the upcoming move may not be the most appealing thing in the world, it will help make the relocation process simpler. Before you start packing up their belongings, make sure they understand that they’ll be moving to a new house. If they have concerns, take the time to address them and explain why moving to a new home won’t be as difficult as they imagine. There’s the opportunity to make new friends, find new hangout spots, and experience new things—all of which can be exciting.

Help Them Pack a Must-Have Bag

When moving, it’s easy to fall into the trap of packing everything in the house. While this may seem useful on the surface, it can quickly lead to more stress. Instead of packing up all of your kids’ toys, ask them to pick out a few must-have items. If there’s a particular favorite that you know of, set it aside. If not, ask them to pick out a few of their favorite items to keep in their backpack during the move. This way, if they start to feel overwhelmed, they’ll have the items they deem most important within arm’s reach.

Book a Playdate on Moving Day

While getting your child settled into their new home is important, keeping them safe while the moving crew is handling the packing and loading is far more beneficial. Rather than letting them watch the movers work, consider letting them spend the day with a friend or relative. This will help distract them from the process and keep them out of the way when the movers are lifting the heavier items like furniture and large boxes. The less underfoot kids are, the safer they’ll be.

Get Them Involved

After the move, get your kids involved in the unpacking process. This will help them understand that the family only relocated and reassure many of their fears surrounding the relocation. Let them get settled into their own room and have them help unpack the family and living rooms. Once everything is unloaded, they’ll know precisely where to find it, making the new house feel like home more quickly.

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Colorado Movers Share 4 Important Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Moving in Together

July 23, 2018

Moving in with your significant other is an important step in the relationship. However, if you’ve been on your own for a number of years, transitioning into a shared home with anyone can be a real challenge. Before you contact a Denver moving company to help you pack up your belongings, you’ll need to make sure it’s the right decision for both of you. Here are a few of the most important questions to ask your significant other before taking the leap and moving in together.

Why are you moving in together?

For most couples, the answer is simple: to be closer and spend more time together. However, others use the opportunity for other reasons. Some may see it as a way to reduce rent costs while others may only want additional help around the house. Before you take the leap, make sure you’re both on the same page. If your reasons for moving in together are not the same, take a look at why. If you’re okay with the difference, the situation will likely be fine. But if you’re at odds with your significant other’s reasons, it may be best to hold off.

Do your schedules line up?

Night owls and morning people can live together in harmony, but for some couples, the transition might be a bit more abrupt. Have an honest conversation about your preferred schedule and make sure you’re both prepared to deal with any differences. For example, if you wake up early in the morning and get ready to loud music, your night-owl partner needs to be aware of your habits.

How will your bills be paid?

When you’re living on your own, all bills and living expenses are your responsibility. However, if you move in with your significant other, those expenses easily become intertwined. Rather than waiting until the first round of bills makes it to your home, have a discussion about how the bills will be paid. Will you split the cost evenly or have cover one utility while your partner covers another? Before you commit to sharing a home, make sure you know who is responsible for paying each expense and how you plan on keeping things even.

Who is responsible for which chores?

Though no one likes doing the dishes or keeping up with the housework, it’s still an important part of maintaining your home. Before you agree to move in, make sure you understand how chores will be divvied up. If you hate doing laundry and your partner loathes doing dishes, compromise and take on the chores that are more appealing to each of you. Never assume that your partner will take care of a task simply because you don’t like doing it. You need to communicate your preferences and your concerns so the two of you can reach an agreement.

If you and your significant other are in agreement and ready to move forward with your relationship, moving in together is the next logical option. Rather than handling the move yourself, let an experienced moving company handle the packing, loading, and delivery for you. At Eden’s Moving Services, we’ll treat your belongings as if they were our own. Contact Eden's Moving Company today for a free estimate.

4 Red Flags to Watch For When Talking to Denver Mover

July 18, 2018

When it comes to moving, hiring the right Colorado moving company can help streamline the process. However, just as no two moves are alike, not two moving companies will offer the same services. In fact, some allegedly legitimate companies may be out to scam you out of thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid these sham movers. Here are some of the most common red-flag signs to watch for when searching for a reputable moving company.

No Insurance

Every moving company needs to have a valid insurance policy in place before every picking up a single item from your home. Most companies have standard liability coverage to protect you from damages resulting from the moving process. If a member of their crew breaks a window or is injured on the job, their insurance policy will cover the cost of the damages. However, if a company does not have insurance, those costs are yours to bear out-of-pocket. Before you agree to an estimate, ask for proof of insurance. Reputable companies will happily provide you with the necessary documentation while those out to scam you will likely come up with an excuse.

Negative Reviews

Though negative reviews are not always an indication of a scam, they should serve as a red flag when you’re considering a professional moving team. Check online and see what other people have to say about their experience with the company. If the results are overwhelmingly negative, keep looking. If you see a few negative reviews interspersed with mostly positive results, you’re likely fine to work with the movers. Remember, a few negative reviews mostly reflect on those individuals’ personalities and not the moving company as a whole.

They Ask For Upfront Payment

While it’s normal for professional movers to ask for a down payment to secure their services, no company should ever ask for payment in-full upfront. IF a moving crew demands this before they ever start loading your belongings, there’s a good chance they’ll skip town before transporting your belongings. Worse, they could load your belongings and never contact you again, leaving you without the things you need to set up your house.

The Estimates are Non-Binding

Things happen during a move that can alter the total charges you’re assessed. To address this, most reputable companies include a not-to-exceed clause on their estimates. This number is the maximum you could be charged for the move to your new home. If a company does not include this clause or only offers a non-binding estimate, they’re likely out to scam you. You have no way of guaranteeing the price of your move and the end result could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Spare yourself the stress of moving and hire the experienced professionals at Eden’s Moving Services. Our dedicated crew will take care to safely load and transport each item so you can focus on enjoying your new home. Contact us online or call (720) 370-3455 to schedule a free moving estimate today.

Denver Movers Explain How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

July 11, 2018

One of the most important parts of every move is paring down your belongings. While you can simply throw away unwanted or unused items, it’s far better to sell or donate those items. However, if you’re like most people, the thought of hosting a garage sale in the midst of finding a moving company and packing your belongings can be overwhelming. Believe it or not, hosting a garage sale is easier than you might think. Here are a few tips to help your sale go off without a hitch, even if you have to host it on multiple weekends.

Advertise the Sale

You won’t get much traffic if the only people who know you’re having a garage sale are your immediate neighbors. Once you pick the date for your sale, start advertising. Put posters up around town with the most important information: the date of the sale, the hours you’ll be actively selling items, and the address where the sale will take place. List the sale on Craigslist and create a public event on Facebook, taking the time to invite all of your friends in the area. If you really want to maximize exposure, put an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Once you have the date for the sale picked out, start preparing your items for the big day. Dust and clean each item so it looks as appealing as possible. Hang clothes up or neatly fold them to prevent wrinkles. Air out old cushions and blankets to keep them smelling fresh. The nicer the items look, the more likely they are to sell. Remember, the key is making your garage sale look nicer than the local second-hand store.

Arrange Items Appropriately

Since you want your sale to give other garage and yard sales in the area a run for their money, take the time to set up carefully. Arrange like items together and display them on tables so people don’t have to bend or stoop to see what you’re selling. If you don’t have access to folding tables, consider renting a few from a local party supply store.

Price Fairly and Have Cash On Hand

The key to selling your items is to offer them at a fair price. Remember, you won’t get full-price for anything you’re selling, even if it hasn’t been used since you bought it. Instead, ask for 50 percent of the original price on items in new or like-new condition, 30 percent on used items, and 10 percent on heavily used items. Be prepared for people to haggle you down on prices. It’s just a part of the game. Since people will be paying in cash, make sure you have a lot of small bills on hand for change. This will help keep the sale moving along smoothly.
After your sale, let the experienced movers at Eden’s Moving and Storage Services help you pack and transport your belongings to your new home. Schedule an estimate today and see the difference that care and dedication can make in simplifying your upcoming move.