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Helpful Tips For Moving to the Mile High City from a Moving Company in Denver

February 21, 2018

So you’ve decided to make your next destination in life the mile high city. You’re thrilled for the opportunity to be close to the mountains. You yearn for the ability to jump on the highway and be immersed in some of the most beautiful landscapes found anywhere in the country. All of the outdoor activities you couldn’t engage in are now available to you whenever you’d like. But there are many things to know about moving to the mile high city from a moving company in Denver, and it is important to be aware of them prior to taking the plunge.

Get a Feel for Denver’s Neighborhoods Before Your Big Move

If you’ve visited Denver, perhaps you’ve spent a lot of time in the lower downtown area near Coors Field. Maybe you romped around the city’s capitol hill neighborhood, heading from record store to coffee shop, before a night cap at one of Colfax’s many eclectic bars and nightclubs. Whatever you saw on your trip to Denver, you probably only saw a fraction of what the city has to offer.

Prior to making a move to Denver, it is important to become aware of all of the various neighborhoods in the city. Besides capitol hill and lower downtown, there are loads of hip and interesting places to live. Washington Park offers a quieter lifestyle for a more family-oriented atmosphere, whilst still being close to city life and is walkable to many bars and restaurants.

The Berkeley neighborhood, located in the northwest part of the city, is probably Denver’s worst kept secret. Local breweries, restaurants, clothing stores, and art galleries can all be found in this up and coming part of town. If trendy and hip are priorities, the highlands neighborhood may be just what you’re looking for. Whatever your fancy, Denver offers a neighborhood to fit your unique needs and desires.

Skiing is Great. Traffic...Not So Much

Many people are attracted to Colorado for their love of skiing. And who could blame them? With loads of world class skiing within an hour and a half of downtown, what skier wouldn’t want to move here? The fresh powder is beckoning, and Denver is close enough to make many day trips to the mountains.

But beware. Ski traffic on weekends can be brutal, and can cause pains before you ever strap into your boots. With the influx of many newcomers to the area, ski traffic has gotten increasingly worse over the course of the last few years. If you are lucky enough to have days off during the week, use them to ski and save your weekends for Denver-based activities.

If you are thinking of making the move to the mile high city, and are in need of moving services, whether personal or business, small or large, Eden’s moving company has you covered. If you would like to find out more about the city, or have questions regarding the moving process, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

Make Your Short Distance Move Simple with These Tips from Colorado Moving Pros

February 14, 2018

Short distance moves may seem incredibly simple. After all, you’re just moving a few miles down the road, so the process of getting everything you own to your new home will be far easier, right? Though short distance moves are easier in some ways, they still present challenges that your local Denver movers want to help eliminate. Here are a few tips to make sure your short-distance move goes as smoothly as possible.

Double-Check Measurements

When you’re moving down the road, you’ll be able to start moving small items over on your own before the movers pick up your heavy furniture and boxes. This is the perfect time to plan your layout, double-check measurements for furniture placement and artwork, and figure out how to best settle into your new space. When you know where you want your furniture placed, you’ll be able to better direct the moving team, sparing you the backache of having to move furniture on your own once the truck leaves.

Move Things in the Right Order

When it comes to moving items on your own, you’ll want to start by moving things you won’t need immediately. Items like out-of-season clothes, small holiday decorations, and extra bedding can easily be transferred to your new home. No matter what you decide to pack up first, make sure you won’t need the items until you’re all moved in at your new place. The last thing you want is to search for an item right before you head to work only to discover that it has already made the move. While you’ll be able to grab the item later in the day, it’s still an inconvenience.

Start Downsizing

Getting rid of junk and clutter is just as important for a short move as a long-distance move. As you pack, identify items that you haven’t used in a long time or no longer wish to keep and separate them from the rest of your belongings. Then pack up these items and donate them to a local charity. If you get a head start on downsizing, you may even be able to use smartphone apps to sell your stuff.   

Contact a Moving Company Early

Just because you’re moving in town doesn’t mean you should wait to contact a moving company. In fact, you’ll want start looking for movers as soon as you have a new place lined up. Some seasons are busier than others and finding a team of movers in Denver that have the availability to move your stuff can be difficult. The sooner you make the reservation, the better.

Show Care to Fragile Items

Though you may think that your fragile items will be safe in a box on a short-distance move, they’re at just as high a risk of breaking. If your movers offer a packing service, you may want to let the pros pack your breakable items. However, if you’re handling your own packing, take care to properly pad, wrap, and protect your breakable items.

At Eden’s Moving, we believe that moving should be as simple as possible. Our experienced team can handle everything from packing up your old house to unloading the moving truck at your new home. Spare yourself the struggle of moving on your own and contact us today for your free no-obligation estimate.

Things to Know When Moving in the Winter from a Denver Moving Company

February 7, 2018

Sometimes in life, circumstances necessitate that we uproot ourselves from our current location and move to a new home or city. Often, this move can come during times that are less than ideal and present additional challenges beyond the usual things that accompany a move. This is a huge reason why people try to move during more ideal seasons, and avoid the winter months altogether. But if you’re one of the unlucky folks who now has to make a move during the chilliest time of the year, there are some things to be aware of from a Denver moving company.  

Remove Obstacles Prior to Moving

Moving your entire life’s possessions during the winter time is not a fun prospect. The idea of having to move couches and appliances while also having to walk over icy surfaces is something no one wants to think about. Moving is stressful enough, so the prospect of injuring yourself during this process is not a fun one to think about.

Yet, it is incredibly important to keep in mind how easy it is for a person to seriously injure themselves during a winter move. Prior to moving any of your belongings, ensure that the walkway you will be using is free of obstacles and all snow and ice has been properly cleared. This is why seeking the services of a Denver moving company is worth the added cost, as no one wants to be out of commission for months because their move went horribly wrong.

Prep Your New Home

If you are making a move during the winter months, you will want to ensure that your new home will have heat and lights prior to moving in. The last thing you want to have happen is to move all of your belongings in to your new house, only to realize that the energy is not turned on, making for a chilly welcome to your new pad.

Contact your utility companies the night before you begin moving in, and ensure that they will have the lights and heat turned on in time for your arrival. Moving into a new home without heat isn’t just uncomfortable, it can be very dangerous depending on the current weather conditions.

Have a Backup Plan

So you have all of your moving plans in place and are confident you’ll be able to initiate them without a hitch. That’s when a major snow storm hits, and creates an enormous challenge for your moving schedule.

Whether you are hiring movers for the job, or have opted for the help of friends and family, it is always a good idea to discuss the possibility of delays due to weather. In the case of a moving company, you will want to know their rescheduling policy ahead of time to save you unnecessary headaches if a serious storm does hit.

If you are thinking of making the move to the mile high city, and are in need of moving services, whether personal or business, small or large, Eden’s moving company has you covered. If you would like to find out more about the city, or have questions regarding the moving process, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

What to Prioritize When Making a Prompt Move From a Denver Moving Company

January 31, 2018

The prospect of making an abrupt move to another city can seem daunting and overwhelming, and is not the ideal way to make uproot your life and start anew. But sometimes, life throws you curveballs that are unpredictable. If your life circumstances have necessitated an abrupt or sudden move to a new city, there are a few things this Denver moving company wants you to be aware of.

Assess your Finances

One of the biggest initial stresses of making a move to a new city is the financial cost of making the move. If you are making the move to Denver or to another city to be closer to a family member or loved one, you will want to be confident in your ability to live off your savings until you are able to secure a job.

If you have a job secured, and it is the reason for making a move, you may want to negotiate moving expenses with your new employer, as this can alleviate the burden from your plate. If possible, have a backup plan for making money in the process of searching for a new place of employment. It’s also a good to have enough saved up in the event that your job search takes longer than anticipated.

Research Your New Neighborhood

In moving to a new city, you will have to change up your usual routine of where you do your errands. Prior to making the move official, it may be helpful to assess your new neighborhood in order to get a sense of where things are prior to moving. If you have a morning routine of going to the gym, followed by a stop to a coffee shop, having a good idea of where things are will help make the transition that much smoother.

You will also want to know where the more serious locations are, such as your local hospital, post office, and school. These are all important components of your life that will now be different as a result of you being in a new city.

To Have a Car or Not?

Your new city and location may present new challenges in regards to transportation. If you are making the move to Denver, traffic can always be a constant stressor if you have to make a longer commute. However, the presence of an expanding light rail and bus system can make having a car less of a necessity.

If you live close to a light rail, or are in walking distance to other forms of public transportation, the need for bringing a car may be reduced. Also, if you are moving to a center part of the city, having a vehicle can sometimes be a burden, as parking can be a headache depending on what neighborhood you reside in.

If you are thinking of making the move to the mile high city, and are in need of moving services, whether personal or business, small or large, Eden’s moving company has you covered. If you would like to find out more about the city, or have questions regarding the moving process, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

Denver Movers Share 6 Tips for Safely Moving with Pets

January 24, 2018

Moving to a new home is always exciting. After all, there are so sights and sounds to take in and the promise of new adventures is enough to make the entire family excited. Except, perhaps, for the pets. In fact, moving can be incredibly stressful for our four-legged friends. Here are a few tips from an experienced Colorado moving company to help you and your furry family members successfully transition to a new home.

Start Packing Ahead of Time

Pets pick up on their humans’ stress easily and if you’re pulling an all-nighter trying to get everything ready for the movers in the morning, they’ll know. The last thing you want is for your pet to be a nervous wreck come moving day. Instead, try to start packing at least a week ahead of time. This way, you’ll be less stressed and frazzled come moving day and your pet will feel the same.

Pack a Pet Bag

Just like you, your pets have certain essentials that need to be kept out during a move. Pack a bag or box of their daily necessities with items like medications, food, their favorite toys, and anything else your pet needs on a daily basis. Make sure this box makes it to the family car rather than the moving truck so your pets will have everything they need on the journey to the new property.

Contact Your Vet

Whether you’re moving to a completely new city or moving down the road, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet. If you know that your pet has anxiety or dislikes traveling, they’ll be able to provide you with techniques to mitigate their stress. If you’re moving out of town, they’ll be able to print off your pet’s medical records and may be able to help you choose a new vet should their office be too far away.

Update Your Information

Microchipping is a great way to ensure that your pet finds their way home if they get lost. However, it’s only good if you keep the information up-to-date. Take the time to enter the new address into your pet’s microchip provider’s database. While this may not eliminate stress for them, it will help keep them safe should something happen during the move.

Keep Pets Separated from the Moving Company

When the movers arrive at the old house, make sure your pet is secure and kept away from the activity. Pick a room that’s already been packed up or secure them in a kennel inside the house. This way, they’ll be out the way of the movers and less likely to get hurt in the process.

Move Your Pet Last

While it may seem convenient to leave your pet at your new property, it’s best to keep them with you until the movers are ready to transport your stuff. By letting your pet stay with you and your family, you’ll help reduce their stress and keep them safe while the movers are unloading at your new home.

At Eden’s Moving, we believe that moving should be an exciting experience rather than a stressful occasion. Whether you’re moving across the street or north to Fort Collins, spare yourself the trouble and let our professional movers handle the packing. Contact us today for a free estimate on your upcoming move.