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Tips For Rainy Weather Moves From A Moving Company in Denver

August 23, 2017

If you’re moving into a new home, you’ve probably spent weeks planning every detail to ensure that everything goes smoothly on moving day. Unfortunately, even the most careful planners cannot control the weather, so you may end up dealing with unexpected rain. But, there’s no need to panic! Here are tips from a moving company in Denver to help you cope with rainy weather during a move:

Protect the Floors

If it’s raining, the movers may accidentally track in water and mud from outside. Prevent the weather from ruining your new floors by putting out protection. If it’s not storming too heavily, laying down pieces of cardboard should be enough to protect your floors as long as you have something to secure the pieces in place. If it’s storming heavily, make sure that you keep an eye on the cardboard and replace it as it becomes soaked with dirt and mud.

Don’t Rush

The rainy weather may make you feel more flustered and stressed, but don’t let these emotions get the best of you or you might start to rush and hurt yourself. It’s important to go slow and use extra caution when moving during a rainstorm. Remember, surfaces are slippery when it’s raining, so you shouldn’t be running around trying to get things done. Be patient and rely on the professional movers to handle everything. As professionals, they have experience moving in all types of weather.

Use Plastic Wrap

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a little water won’t hurt your belongings. It’s absolutely essential that you use plastic wrap to protect your belongings if it’s raining outside. Why is this so important? Let’s say you decide to move your mattress in the middle of a rainstorm. If it’s not protected by plastic wrap, it will quickly get soaked while it’s being transported in and out of the moving truck. Mold may eventually develop in your mattress, which can lead to unpleasant odors and respiratory problems. Your mattress isn’t the only item that can be affected by mold—clothing, rugs, and furniture can be, too. Keep your belongings safe—and free from mold—by using plastic wrap. Read more tips on moving furniture in the rain.

Distract Kids and Pets

Moving in the rain is stressful, but if you’re moving in the rain with kids and pets, it can be incredibly overwhelming. Kids won’t understand how much stress you’re under while trying to get everything accomplished, and pets may get in the way of the movers. For these reasons, it may be best to ask a family friend to watch them while you finish moving. If you only have pets, you may be able to get away with keeping them contained to one room instead of having a family friend look after them.

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Common Colorado Moving Terms You Should Know

August 16, 2017

As you work with a Colorado moving company to plan your move, it’s possible that you will come across an unfamiliar word or two that is unique to the moving industry. It’s important to understand these words so you can communicate clearly and effectively with your moving company. Here’s a look at some of the most common terms used in the moving industry that you may not be familiar with:

Intrastate vs. Interstate

A mover may refer to your move as either an intrastate or interstate move. The terms sound similar, but they mean two very different things. An intrastate move occurs when you are moving to another location within the same state, while an interstate move means you are moving to a new state.

Flight Charge

Some moving companies may refer to a flight charge on your estimate. No, this doesn’t mean they are charging you to ship your belongings via plane. It simply means that there is an extra charge for having to move your items up or down a set of stairs.

Non-Binding Estimate

If you contact a moving company, they will ask you a number of questions about the services that you need. Based on the information you provide, the company will put together a non-binding estimate that gives you an idea of how much the services will cost. However, this is non-binding, which means it is not set in stone. The actual cost may be lower or higher than what was on the estimate due to the weight of your belongings or any last minute service requests.

Concealed Damage

All of your boxes may arrive at your home in perfect condition, but you may discover when unpacking the boxes later on that something has been damaged. If the damage is not visible until the box has been opened, this is known as concealed damage. Learn how to make claims against a moving company for damages.


The term valuation refers to the cash value of the items that you are asking the moving company to transport to your new home. Customers will have the option of purchasing protection so they can recover compensation from the moving company if their items are damaged during the move.

Long Carry

Long carry, which may also be called distance carry, is an additional fee that may be charged if there is a great distance between the moving truck and your front door. Many moving companies charge long carry fees if the movers have to transport items over 75 feet, but you should ask your moving company to learn about their distance cutoff. If you want to avoid paying this fee, see if there is a way to get the moving truck closer to your front door, perhaps by reserving a parking spot or clearing space in you driveway.

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Moving Company in Denver Explains How to Get Free Boxes For Your Move

August 9, 2017

Expenses can quickly pile up when you’re planning a move, so it’s in your best interests to save money in every way that you can. One way to cut costs is to try to get free boxes instead of buying brand new ones. How? According to Eden’s Moving Company in Denver, you should visit some of these locations:

Grocery Stores

The first place you should stop by on your search for free boxes is the local grocery store. Grocery stores receive new shipments of food everyday, and many of these items are packed in cardboard boxes. After everything is unpacked, the employees simply break down the boxes and send them to a local recycling center. Since grocery stores don’t reuse cardboard boxes, they typically have no problem giving them away to customers who ask. You may want to go fairly early in the morning so the boxes haven’t already been broken down.

Liquor Stores

Liquor stores also receive new inventory packed in cardboard boxes, but there’s one reason why boxes from these retailers may be better than those from grocery stores. The boxes that are used to ship liquor bottles have to be sturdy, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to hold the weight of the bottles. If you have heavy items that need a lot of support, try to get boxes from a liquor store.


Freecycle is a nonprofit website that allows people to give items away for free to other people in the community. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills, so there is typically a wide variety of items listed on this website. Take a look as you plan your move to see if anyone in your area is giving away cardboard boxes. Learn more about Freecycle.


After you drop off or pick up your kids, stop by the school’s administrative office to ask if anyone has any boxes that they don’t need. School supplies are often shipped in cardboard boxes, and donations are usually brought in inside boxes as well. But, schools don’t have much use for boxes after they have been emptied, so chances are there are some sitting around.

Recycling Center

If all else fails, take a trip to your local recycling center to see if there are any cardboard boxes that have not been processed yet. Materials at the recycling center should already be separated, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding piles and piles of cardboard. Just be sure to ask the employees at the recycling center before taking any boxes to ensure that there is no policy in place preventing you from doing so.

Now that you know how to get the moving supplies that you need, it’s time to start planning your move! If you’re not sure where to start, the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Denver Moving Companies Explain the Most Stressful Parts of Moving

August 2, 2017

Everyone knows that moving to a new home can be stressful, but do you know why? There are certain aspects of moving that are far more stressful than others. According to one of the top Denver moving companies, Eden’s Moving Company, these are are the tasks on your moving checklist that will cause you the most stress:

Cleaning Certain Areas of Your Home

Now that you’re moving, you will finally have to clean out your closet and pantry. These are some of the hardest parts of the home to pack since many people get in the habit of shoving items in here when they can’t find another place for them. Before you start packing, go through everything you have inside your closet and pantry and throw away or donate the items you no longer need. Getting rid of some clutter will make this task feel less overwhelming.

Creating A Home Inventory

It’s recommended that you create an inventory of the items that you have before you move so you can keep track of all of your belongings. You don’t have to document each and every item that you own, but you should include all valuable items. When you get to your new home, reference this list when unpacking boxes to ensure that all of your items arrived safely.

How can you take the stress out of this task? Instead of using pen and paper, simply snap photos of your valuables. This is much quicker and easier than physically writing down everything you own. Plus, since the photos will be right there on your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the information during your move. Read these 6 steps to create a home inventory to track what you’re moving.

Pets & Kids

Moving is often harder when you have to do it with kids or pets. If you have young kids, they may become emotional on moving day when they realize that they will have to say goodbye to their home. To avoid this added stress on moving day, make sure that you find a way to get your kids excited about moving. Show them how close the new house is to their favorite ice cream shop or how you can finally fit a swing set in your new, bigger backyard.

Pets may become stressed out and anxious with all the commotion going on around them. Keep them comfortable by talking in soothing voices and setting up an area with their belongings as soon as possible once you arrive at your new home.

Doing It Without Professional Help

Packing your belongings, transporting them to your new home, and then unloading them off of the truck can be incredibly stressful without professional help. These tasks are not only time-consuming, but they’re also physically exhausting. Save yourself time and energy by reaching out to a moving company for help prior to your move.

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How to Protect Your Floors When Working With Movers in Denver

July 26, 2017

If you’re moving into a new home, you want everything to look picture perfect for as long as possible. One area that you should pay close attention to is the flooring. As movers in Denver bring your boxes and furniture inside your new home, it’s important to protect the floors so nothing is damaged. Here’s how:


If your movers will be walking across carpet, be proactive and lay down pieces of cardboard that they can walk over. This is especially important if you have light colored carpet in your new home that can easily be stained. However, cardboard can move around if it’s not properly secured, so you may want to use adhesives to ensure the movers don’t slip. You could also look for a protective film that is designed to protect carpets in this situation. These protective films are applied directly on top of the carpet and are non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt. Another option would be to ask the movers to put on protective shoe booties before they come inside your home.

As the movers bring in your belongings, watch where they put the boxes. Avoid putting moving boxes on the carpet in your new home. Some types of carpet can snag very easily, so the corners of the moving boxes may cause your carpeting to unravel.

Hardwood Floors

It’s important to cover hardwood floors to prevent scratches and dents. There are certain products that are designed specifically to protect hardwood floors in this situation, so you can either look for one of these products or lay down cardboard instead. The products designed for this purpose are non-slip, so it’s better to go with this option.

During the move, make sure that you and the movers don’t drag furniture across the floor. If the furniture can be lifted, it should always be carried across the floors. If the furniture is too heavy, then put furniture sliders underneath the legs to protect your floors. Learn about caring for hardwood floors.

All Flooring Types

There are some tips that you should follow regardless of what type of flooring you have inside your new home. Always put a doormat outside the front door (or whatever door the movers will be using to get inside) so they can wipe their feet before entering your home. This is especially important if it’s wet or snowy outside so movers don’t bring in water and dirty snow on their shoes.

Plan ahead by buying floor cleaners before you move into your new home. This way, you can quickly clean your floors if they do become damaged during the move.

Now that you know how to keep the floors in your new home in good shape, it’s time to start planning your move! If you’re not sure where to start, the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.