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What to Unpack First According to A Top Moving Company in Denver

June 21, 2017

You may look around and breathe a sigh of relief once you arrive in your new home. But, don’t forget you still have to unpack all of your belongings that you brought from your last home. What should you unpack first? According to Eden’s Moving Company in Denver, these are the items you should start with:


You’re probably exhausted from a long day of moving, so one of the first things you should unpack is your bedding so you can rest comfortably. You may not have time to unpack everything in your bedroom on the first day, so make sure that you make bedding a priority. Learn more about how to pack bedding for moving.

Pet Items

Some pets don’t respond well to change. If your pets appear to be uncomfortable or nervous, it’s important to dig out their bedding, toys, and anything else that may help them settle down. Seeing and smelling their favorite things will help them become more comfortable in your new home.


The first night you are in your new home, you will need to dig out all of the toiletries you need to wash up before bed. This includes your toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, and anything else you use at night. Make it easier to find these things by planning ahead and putting all of these items in a small bag along with a change of clothes and medications.
You may also want to unpack shampoos, conditioners, and a few towels so everyone in your home can shower that night or the next morning.

Kitchen Items

Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning without a cup of coffee? Or do you enjoy a toasted bagel with cream cheese every morning for breakfast? Before going to sleep, unpack the kitchen items that you will need to start your morning off right. It only takes a few minutes to set up small appliances like a toaster and coffee maker, and having these plugged in and ready to go will motivate you to get moving in the morning.

Kids’ Belongings

Does your child need to sleep with a special stuffed animal or blanket every night? Make sure you unpack whatever your kids need to feel comfortable the first day you are in your new home. Kids may be eager to get their entire room set up, but most of it may have to wait until the next day.

Trash Bags

As you unpack, you will likely produce a lot of waste. Dig in your boxes and find the trash bags so you can start collecting all of the garbage as you unpack. If you brought trash cans for the bathrooms and other rooms in the home, bring these out, too.
Before you can start to unpack these items, you have to plan your move! If you’re not sure where to start, the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company can help. Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Biggest Mistakes People Make When Working With a Moving Company

June 14, 2017

Are you moving into a new home? Before you start packing boxes or calling a moving company, learn about the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re planning a move:

Not Sorting Through Items

Everything that’s in your current home does not need to come with you to your new home. Chances are, there are a lot of items that you don’t need, so why waste time by packing them up and bring them to your new home? Make an effort to actually sort through your belongings as you begin to pack instead of just tossing them in boxes to get the job done.

Doing Everything Last Minute

Packing is not the most enjoyable task, so many people put it off until the last possible moment and then find themselves rushing to get the job done. The result? Fragile items aren’t packed correctly and may break on the way to your new home. You won’t have the time to get organized, which means you’ll end up shoving things in boxes and forgetting to label what’s inside. You may also end up leaving things behind because you’re in such a hurry to get out of the house. Don’t make this mistake—if you don’t want to pack, contact a moving company that offers packing services.

Forgetting About the Survival Kit

If you’re using a moving truck to get all of your belongings into your new home, be sure to keep a survival kit with you in your vehicle instead of putting everything inside the truck. What’s in a survival kit? This is a bag that contains all of the items that you need to make it through the first night at your home. For example, some items that should be included are prescription medications, chargers for your electronic devices, and toilet paper. Keep this with you so you don’t have to immediately begin unpacking once you arrive to your new home. Learn more about a moving day survival kit here.

Moving Everything on Your Own

Even if you’re in perfectly good shape, moving dozens of heavy boxes on your own is never a good idea. You can easily hurt yourself or exhaust yourself to the point where you have no energy left to complete the move! Avoid this problem by working with professional movers so you can protect your health and save all of your energy for getting settled into your new home.

Forgetting to Check the Forecast

Moving in bad weather is not impossible, but it definitely makes things more difficult. Make sure you take a look at the weather forecast a few days before you’re scheduled to move. If it looks like there will be bad storms, you may want to call the moving company and see if you should reschedule so your items aren’t damaged.
Now that you know which mistakes to avoid making, it’s time to contact the professionals at Eden’s Moving Company to start planning your move! Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Denver Moving Companies Suggest Using These Apps to Simplify Your Move

June 7, 2017

Moving to a new home can be a very stressful and time-consuming experience, but luckily there are a few tools that can make it easier. Eden’s Moving, one of the best Denver moving companies, suggests downloading these apps to simplify your move:

Home Move Pro

This free app helps you stay organized as you move to a new home. Use this app to create to-do lists so you don’t forget to change your address, pack important belongings, or confirm the date and time of your move with your movers. If you’re not even sure where to begin, just take a look at one of the app’s template checklists to see a list of things that need to get done.


Are you worried about losing track of your belongings? Use the Sortly app to create a visual inventory of all of your belongings. You can even organize your items into folders to make it easier for you to keep track of what items you put in each box. For example, create a “Box 1” folder within the app, and then take photos of all of the items inside box 1. Be sure to add tags to the description of each item. Then, when you get to your new home and want to find something specific, such as your phone charger, simply search “phone charger” in the app and it will tell you which box you placed it in. Learn more about the Sortly app.

Move Advisor

Although the Move Advisor app has many similar features to Home Move Pro, there is one feature that sets it apart. This app has a helpful “moving timeline” that tells you what you should be doing every week leading up to your move. Just let the app know which day you plan on moving, and it will automatically create a timeline with tasks that you need to complete to stay on schedule. For example, the app may suggest that you get rid of items you no longer need and buy packing supplies about a month ahead of time. This feature helps you stay on track so you don’t end up rushing to get everything done at the last minute.

Suddath Moving Guru

If you aren’t sure how to pack fragile items, or how you should transport furniture to your new home, just consult the Suddath Moving Guru app. There are countless moving tips and instructional videos available in this free app to help you pack and safely transport every item in your home. The videos and tips are broken down by room, so you can start in the kitchen and work your way through to the living room, bedrooms, and other areas in your home.
Now that you’ve downloaded these apps, it’s time to get in touch with the packing professionals at Eden’s Moving Company to start planning your move! Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Tips For Moving Houseplants From A Moving Company in Denver

May 24, 2017

Many of your belongings can be packed away in boxes as you prepare for a move, but what about your houseplants? Moving your houseplants can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. If you want to bring all of your favorite plants to your new home, follow these tips provided by Eden’s Moving Company in Denver:

Treat your plants as you would your pets.

If you are traveling a long distance with your plants, a good rule of thumb is to treat them as you would your pets. This means you should be mindful of how hot or cold it is inside your vehicle. If you have to make overnight stops before you get to your final destination, it’s best to either bring them inside or leave the windows slightly ajar so they can get air. Learn more about how to move long distances with plants.

Transfer your plants to plastic pots.

If you have your plants in heavy pots, it’s wise to transfer them into plastic pots before you begin your move. Plastic pots are much lighter than ceramic pots, so you won’t injure yourself trying to transport your plants if they are in this type of pot. Ceramic pots are also very breakable, so it’s not a good idea to try to transport plants while they are still inside these fragile pots. This is a good opportunity to clean out the ceramic pots and carefully pack them inside boxes so you can put your plants back inside them once you have arrived at your new home.

Pack them in open boxes.

It’s much easier to transport plants to a new home if you aren’t moving very far away. In this case, all you would need to do is find a box big enough to hold your plant. The box does not have to be as tall as your plant, but it should come up to about the middle of it. Once the plant has been placed inside the box, keep it in place by stuffing the open space in the box with newspaper. There should be enough newspaper to keep the plant steady while you drive so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over and creating a huge mess in your moving truck.

Wait to load your plants into the truck.

Houseplants should be one of the last items that you load into your truck so they are taken out of their environment for as little time as possible. If you are moving in the winter, try to wrap your plants in newspapers or blankets before bringing them out to the truck. Any exposure to cold temperatures could damage the plant—even if the exposure only lasts for a few seconds.

With these tips, you can successfully bring your favorite houseplants with you to your new home. If you need help getting there, get in touch with the packing professionals to start planning your move! Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.

Most Common Moving Myths According to Movers in Denver CO

May 17, 2017

You may be a bit intimidated to move after hearing about some of the difficulties that you may encounter on your way to your new home. But luckily, most of what you have heard is probably untrue. Here are some of the most common moving myths according to movers in Denver CO:

You should always move on a Friday.

You may have heard that it’s best to move on a Friday so you can spend the entire weekend settling into your new home and unpacking. But, you’re not the only one who has thought of this plan. Many people plan on moving on Fridays, which means moving rates may be more expensive because of the increased demand. If you are on a tight budget, talk to your moving company about which days (if any) are cheaper.

You don’t need to buy boxes.

Some people try to get by with packing their belongings in any kind of box they can find. This is certainly less expensive than buying new boxes, but is it wise? No! Moving boxes are built to be sturdy enough to hold your belongings and protect them from damage. If you rely on boxes that are not designed for moving, they may not be strong enough to hold the weight of your belongings. If you want to play it safe, it’s smarter to buy moving boxes than it is to use any old box you have laying around. Or, if you don’t have this expense factored into your budget, check one of these 8 places to get moving boxes free of charge.

You have to pack everything on your own.

Packing up all of your belongings can be a time-consuming task, which is why so many people dread doing it when they have to move. Luckily, you don’t have to pack if you don’t want to. Simply look for a moving company—such as Eden’s Moving Company—that offers packing services. These professional packers will take good care of your belongings and make sure everything arrives safely at your new home.

You’ll remember where you put everything.

Some people try to cut corners by throwing random items in boxes and sealing them up without properly labeling what’s inside. This is a recipe for disaster. No matter how good your memory is, you will not remember what you put inside each box unless it is properly labeled. Take the time to pack similar items together, and then write a clear label on the outside of the box that will help you quickly identify what is inside. This will save you a huge amount of time once you arrive at your new house and start to unpack all of your belongings.

Now that you know the truth behind these common moving myths, you know there’s nothing to fear when it comes to moving. So, there’s no better time to get in touch with the packing professionals to start planning your move! Contact Eden’s Moving Company to discuss local and long distance moving services. Call us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.